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Archive for November 5th, 2015

Why Israel Wants the F-15 SE “Silent Eagle” And what it means for the US Air Force

Posted by picard578 on November 5, 2015

F-15 Silent Eagle, being an evolution of capable multirole aircraft, is definetly a better option than the F-35 which is basically a (barely) self-defensible bomber / ground attack aircraft. Thus no surprise that Israel, which actually has to have a capable air force, and already has both F-15 and F-16 in its inventory, is considering it – wether US diplomatic pressure will force it to buy the F-35 remains to be seen.

Bryen's Blog News

by Stephen Bryen

According to news reports, Israel wants the F-15 Silent Eagle. The F-15 Silent Eagle is a stealthy evolution of the F-15 Strike Eagle, which forms the backbone of Israel’s Air Force.

F-15 Silent Eagle F-15 Silent Eagle

Some analysts are surprised Israel would request the Silent Eagle.  But there are good reasons for it: in fact, the reasons are so good that if our Air Force had common sense it would reduce the size of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter buy and get the Silent Eagles for our Air Force too.

There is, of course, both a sort of respect and competition that characterizes relations between the US Air Force and Israel’s Air Force.  And there are differences in mission: Israel is a regional power, not a superpower.  It mostly fights in its own neighborhood; although the Iranian challenge means Israel needs more long range aircraft that can carry a…

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