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  • July 2015
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ULTRA festival as a security risk

Posted by picard578 on July 14, 2015

ULTRA Festival is extremely popular among mainstream “liberal” (which is to say Titoist/Stalinist) media in Croatia. All major media outlets sang praises about ULTRA, possibly because they are being paid to do so. Slobodna Dalmacija (“Free Dalmatia”), one of many Croatian media outlets in employ of still-ruling Communist Party of Croatia (HDZ and SDP are merely its branches), sent journalists not with task of objective reporting, but with task of promoting the festival. All mainstream media did more or less the same.


All of them ignored the dark side of the festival.


After the festival (held 12th-14th of this month), the city literally stank of shit and vomit. Festival was a perfect outlet for youth to get themselves stoned with legally acceptable drugs such as alcohol, and oftentimes with illegal drugs as well. Around ten thousand inhabitants were unable to sleep due to the noise, and festival visitors have developed a tendency to shit over people’s lawns, as professor Gordan Sladoljev points out. One visitor lost a tooth due to too loud noise.

In the end, 300 people were arrested, 170 of them foreigners. Out of 330 criminal charges, 276 were due to drug usage. In mere twelve hours, twenty people were hospitalized due to critical condition – less severe cases were treated on the spot. All of them were heavily drugged, typically with vodka, ecstasy, apaurines, red bull, or some combination of those. It was not unusual for medical personnel to measure over 200/120 blood pressure and 130 to 140 heart beat rate.

In Miami, place that the festival originated from, police asked the event to be forbidden in 2013. due to damage to economy and inhabitants, excessive noise, immoral behavior of festival-goers and traffic jams. Three months later there was first casualty of Ultra festival, a 20-year-old who most likely died due to excessive use of narcotics. In fact, some 70 to 80 per cent of all ULTRA visitors regularly consume narcotic drugs, most popular of which is ecstasy.

Typical noise level on ULTRA is between 94 and 115 decibels. Latter level of noise ear can withstand for only 30 seconds without physical damage. Journalist Daniel Rivero has shown that one in five US teenagers lost their hearing by their 19th year due to noise exposure.


Overall, ULTRA festival sank to the low(est) levels of barbarism, but as an old saying goes – cheer up, it can always be worse; and it definetly can, as majority of medical cases were foreigners, not people from Croatia. Worst part is that this kind of barbarism is culturally acceptable in liberal West, and local Croatian sheep have a tendency of following every new “development” coming from the West, regardless of how dangerous it is.

11 Responses to “ULTRA festival as a security risk”

  1. Duviel said

    I lived in Miami for 26 years. I was still there when the festival was getting huge. My parents still live about 4 miles from where festival occurs.

    Festival does cause a lot of problems during the week it occurs (as you mostly noted) but, it also brings in a huge amount of funds and jobs to local government and hospitality industry and some sectors of retail business.

    Hotels, Restaurants, Liquor Stores, Gas Stations, Car Rental, Apparel Retailers, Taxi, Uber Drivers, Event Workers, Clean up crews, Airports, Etc.

    Although the issues you mentioned are mostly present in the areas nearby festival (1-2 mile radius) very few major crimes or violence have occurred. In fact the Memorial day hip-hop festival in south Beach probably caused more violence although less noise and clean-up required.

    I would say for Miami its worth the trouble. Unless you live within 1 mile of festival and dont do business related to festival.


    • picard578 said

      “but, it also brings in a huge amount of funds and jobs to local government and hospitality industry and some sectors of retail business.”

      You sure you didn’t mean “hospital industry”? 😉 And how large are losses due to disruptions in traffic and day-to-day economy? For example, cruise ships that come into Croatia actually cause us net loss due to massive ecological damage they cause.


      • Duviel Rodriguez said

        Hospitals get a boost too. Assuming folks have health insurance, Lol.

        I have not done deep analysis. Just saying, living in Miami until recently it feels like a lot of business happens around Ultra.

        I would not want my kids going and it is a degeneration of our society in many ways. But, if you are not totally stupid it can also be very fun. Our society could use some more fun too.


  2. Duviel said

    In the area I live in now we have a problem with not having many local jobs. Most travel 50+ miles for work.

    I would support bringing Ultra to my town. The pain caused for 1-2 weeks is worth the economic benefit.

    These party people are rarely armed or violent. If you need them off your yard build a fence or just use an Airsoft-gun. No need to get violent.

    Girls are usually hot too. I used to go just for that when I was in my early twenties.

    Again its all good unless you live around the festival. In my opinion.


    • picard578 said

      Armed and violent, typically no, but there is a massive amount of environmental damage and I’d be really interested in seeing a bill for sanation.


      • Duviel Rodriguez said

        Maybe they are worse in Europe. Europeans like to take things to the extreme in some things. Like sports fans for example. Americans like their sports but, Europeans are insane over their teams.

        Even the Europeans in Miami they tend to be the ones having the wilder parties. Especially the Russians in my experience.

        One other thing about the Russkies. If you earn their friendship they are great and loyal friends.


  3. Duviel Rodriguez said

    I have not had any Croatian Friends. Don’t know much about the Croatian people. I wonder if they tend to be as insane about their parties as most Eastern Europeans?


  4. Duviel said

    Guess you could say that about any human or chimpanzee. Have you seen those videos with the drunk chimps? I recommend watching it on youtube.

    Ps. I hear Croatian coast is beautiful vacation spot. And cheaper than Italy.


    • picard578 said

      That it is. It can get quite crowded, though, and some cities – such as Dubrovnik – are quite more expensive than the average, though I can’t say how they compare to Italy in terms of prices.


      • Duviel said

        Thank you.

        Next time I can travel out to the other side of the pond I might visit Dalmatian coast.

        I promise not to leave any fecal matter or vomit on your streets, Lol.

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