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A Complete Analysis of Robb Stark as a Military Commander

Posted by picard578 on April 27, 2015

Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire


“Battles,” muttered Robb as he led her out beneath the trees. “I have won every battle, yet somehow I’m losing the war.” – Robb Stark, ASOS, Chapter 14, Catelyn II


First, two bald statements to kick this post off:

  • Robb Stark was the greatest tactician during the War of the Five Kings.


  • Robb Stark was the worst strategist of the War of the Five Kings. (Though Balon Greyjoy gives Robb a run for his money for worst strategist.)

On the face of it, these two statements contradict each other, but in these posts, I will attempt to defend both of these statements with textual evidence and some non-technical references to military strategy.

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2 Responses to “A Complete Analysis of Robb Stark as a Military Commander”

  1. Duviel said

    Very interesting!


    I am running out of time to give to pleasures like this.


  2. Chris said

    When you have the spare time to, check this out:

    Apparently even tankers now go overbudget because of technology.


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