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Thomas Mann: By nature evil and harmful, war is destructive even to the victor

Posted by picard578 on April 17, 2015

Antiwar literary and philosophical selections


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

Thomas Mann: Selections on war


Thomas Mann
From letter to Agnes E. Meyer
December 1, 1946


America as a whole is not in the happiest state – morally damaged by a war that was a necessity, but simply as a war was evil and harmful. Those are the antinomies in this vale of tears. Now we are experiencing a great lowering ot morale, raw avarice, political reaction, race hatred, and all the signs of spiritual depression…As a German I am naturally inclined toward pessimism, and occasionally I fear having to go through the whole disaster, somewhat modified, once again. And then there would be no further exile – for where would I go?

From letter to Mr. Gray [unidentified)
October 12, 1947

At one time my faith in America’s humanitarian mission was very strong. In the last years it has…

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2 Responses to “Thomas Mann: By nature evil and harmful, war is destructive even to the victor”

  1. Chris said

    Today the wars are not necessities, but wars of choice – especially in the case of Iraq. That makes it even more tragic.


  2. Chris said

    Since a picture is worth many words:

    The only nations with higher poverty seem to be the ones in economic crisis like Greece (a result of neoliberal economics). Interesting that Czech and Slovakia are so low though in child poverty.

    The rest are mostly no surprise – the Nordic nations at the bottom for example.


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