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Archive for October 4th, 2014

Fighting in Iraq and its lessons

Posted by picard578 on October 4, 2014

Despite Iraqi Army having the most modern US equipment as well as large numerical advantage, it has performed badly against Islamist fighters of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, also called ISIL). Before going into how and why, a little history is needed.

ISIS has first appeared on scene after the US invasion of Iraqi in 2003. It was taking actions to broaden the scope of Sunni-Shiite civil war in Iraq by targeting Shiites, and it has been trying to take over Shiite territory for far longer. Since US troops withdrew in 2011, ISIS has focused its attack on government targets. Read the rest of this entry »

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Aircraft roles

Posted by picard578 on October 4, 2014

A-10: close air support fighter

F-4: bomber interceptor with limited air superiority ability

F-15: bomber interceptor with air superiority ability

F-16: air superiority fighter with ground attack ability Read the rest of this entry »

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