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  • October 2012
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Yugoslavia bombing: “Merciful Angel” turns child killer (with commentary)

Posted by picard578 on October 31, 2012

On March 24, 1999 the NATO launched a 78-day bombing campaign in Yugoslavia, dubbed “Merciful Angel”, which killed 2,000 civilians and wounded 7,000. As much as 30 percent of all victims were children. The bombings left many Albanian children with their sculls crashed and faces disfigured by ghastly wounds and terrible pain. Why aren’t they depicted on the monument to Bill Clinton in the Kosovo capital of Pristina, one of the Western leaders who initiated the deadly attack on Yugoslavia? The “Merciful Angel” turned out to be a child killer. The photographs in this photo gallery are from the book titled “NATO Crimes in Yugoslavia. Documentary Evidence. Volume 2.” Belgrade, 2000. Caution! The Photo gallery contains scenes of violence. It is not recommended for children, pregnant women and mentally unstable people


Photos are in the link above. Article serves as a cautionary tale against overreliance on strategic bombing, which yields few results but causes great suffering to people subject to it: after 78 days of bombing, Serbia has accepted better NATO terms than ones it has offered to NATO before beginning of bombing campaign – by all counts, NATO has suffered a defeat. Meanwhile, war in Croatia has only ended after HV (Croatian Army) has dealt a series of serious defeats to Serbian ground forces in Operation Storm. During the operation, only targets attacked were ones of military nature; “excessive shelling” of Knin has caused only one civilian casualty, a woman that was killed by a piece of debris. NATO bombing of Yugoslavia killed 1 400 civilians. So much about “precision weapons”.

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