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Why F-35 cannot replace Harrier

Posted by Picard578 on October 15, 2012

This is news from 16/9/2012:


In short, 6 Harrier jets were destroyed and 2 damaged in Taliban attack. It drives home the point that air bases are bound to be attacked, and aircraft are bound to be attacked, regardless of type of war waged.

F-35 is supposed to replace Harrier. But when we compare them, F-35 costs 200 million USD per aircraft, whereas Harrier costs 30 million USD per aircraft. If these aircraft were F-35s, total damage would have exceeded 1 billion USD – not to mention health and environmental damage from toxic stealth coatings. Attack was done by 15 insurgents; what would have happened against well-trained spec ops team?

In any war, aircraft are bound to be destroyed – in air, and on the ground. Yet F-35s are simply to expensive and complicated to replace, not in small part thanks to their stealth coatings.


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Superiority (Clarke short story)

Posted by Picard578 on October 15, 2012

If you want to understand dangers inherent in relying on technological superiority to win against enemy, read this story:

Story shows what happens when one tries to counter enemy’s superior numbers by focusing too much on hyper-technology weapons, and so can be understood as a warning against high-tech weapons, underlining one basic problem – there is no technological advantage that cannot be countered by superior numbers and proper planning. With F-35s focus on BVR combat, datalinks, aerial refuelling and one-size-fits-all mentality, it is almost a perfect commentary on dangers inherent to F-35 programme.

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