Month: October 2012

Number of Croatian soldiers in Afghanistan to be reduced

———————————————————————TRANSLATION——————————————————————- Number of members of Armed Forces of Republic of Croatia participating in ISAF mission in Afghanistan will be reduced during next year from 350 to 300 in period from January to April, whereas in May – December period there… Read More ›


PIRATE IRST is IRST sensor used by Eurofighter Typhoon. It is FLIR, which means that it can use IR radiation to assemble a video image, similar to night vision devices and infrared cameras. Technological data is as following: Detection range… Read More ›

USAF force proposal

Current USAF plan is to keep 187 F-22s, 254 F-15 C and 221 F-15E in service, replacing 716 A-10s and 2 154 F-16s with 1 763 F-35As. Problem with that is multifold; first, large unit and maintenance costs. Per-unit cost… Read More ›

Saab Gripen NG

Two months ago, I have contacted SAAB about Gripen NG and changes it will have when compared to earlier versions of Gripen (A, B, C, D – Gripen NG encompasses versions E and F). I got following answers: 1) Gripen… Read More ›